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Igor Phantom

🎼 Musician | Drummer | Guitarist | Video Maker | Composer

💼 Sound Engineer in PHRecords

✅ Verified Spotify Artist

🔊 Technical Specialist in Musical Equipment

❗ WebSites Developer ❗

🎮 Killer in Escape from Tarkov

Buy to Album "Others" [2017]

Others Instrumental Album Art


01 - Unknown [Intro]
02 - Invasion
03 - Reverse damage
04 - Displace
05 - Others
06 - Stampede
07 - Destroyed
08 - The Way of Darkness
09 - Proximity
10 - This is End [Outro]

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Others Instrumental Album Image
Guilty Verdict - Stay Yourself Album Art
Guilty Verdict - Catechism Album Art

GameDev Projects

About the Studio

PHRecords located in Moscow.
Recording, mixing, mastering, reamping, aligning drums…
High-Quality Equipment
More information about the studio on the site


Igor Phantom Drum Set Image

My Drum Set


- Classics Custom Extreme Metal Hihat 14"
- Classics Custom Extreme Metal Crash 16"
- Classics Custom Extreme Metal Crash 18"
- Classics Custom Extreme Metal Splash 10"
- Classics Custom Trash Splash 12"
- Classics Custom Extreme Metal Ride 20”
- Classics Custom Extreme Metal China 16”
- Classics Custom Extreme Metal China 18”

DDrum Hybrid 6 Kit Black

Tama HP900FSW

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