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Igor Phantom

🎼 Musician | Drummer | Guitarist | Video Maker | Composer

💼 Sound Engineer in PHRecords

✅ Verified Spotify, Google, YouTube Artist

🔊 Technical Specialist in Musical Equipment

💻 WebSites Developer

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Others Instrumental Album Art

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Others Instrumental Album Image
Guilty Verdict - Stay Yourself Album Art
Guilty Verdict - Catechism Album Art

About the Studio

PHRecords located in Moscow.
Recording, mixing, mastering, reamping, aligning drums…
High-Quality Equipment
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Игорь Фантом фото

Musician, drummer, guitarist, composer, sound engineer at the PHRecords studio.
Verified artist Spotify, YouTube, Google.
Born on May 3, 1990 in Moscow, played in various musical groups both temporarily and on a permanent basis.
He served in the Air Force, worked in various areas of the music business: sound engineer, technical specialist in the selection and installation of equipment (including tenders), sales engineer.
Instrumental album "Others" – first work as a solo artist.
Available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Google Play, Deezer, Amazon, Last FM and more.
Igor specializes in recording, mixing and mastering heavy styles of music in his PHRecords recording studio. The studio has all the necessary arsenal of equipment and capabilities, up to the release of a track or album on popular music listening platforms.

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